What Should I Wear?

Why Choose Cadley Dance?

A warm, friendly and welcoming school committed to bringing out the very best dancer in you. Our inspirational teachers will nurture your talent and build your confidence to help you develop lifelong skills, along with the opportunity to take examinations if desired.

Disco Freestyle

If you are attending a class for the first time you should wear something comfortable and easy to move in i.e. leggings and a t-shirt, please avoid jeans and skirts though. Bare feet or clean trainers to change into once at the studio are fine. Long hair should be tied back neatly and securely. Please bring a drink along with a sports cap lid to avoid unnecessary spillages.

Once you’ve done a few lessons it is required that you wear the correct dance school uniform which can be purchased from the school.  Hoodies with individual names on are also available. Prices are available on application.

Ballroom and Latin

Please bring a change of footwear to dance in for the studio.
Ideally proper dance shoes should be worn – please make sure these have a sensible heel that you can walk in easily – if in doubt check before purchase. If you don’t have dance shoes to start with, then wear a lightweight shoe (small heel for ladies) with a smooth leather type sole rather than rubber. Dress should be comfortable as above.  You may also wish to bring a drink.

Generally, casual, cool and comfortable clothes are a good idea with a layer to remove in case you get warm while dancing.

As you progress with your dancing, you should invest in a pair of dance shoes – you’ll find that they make a tremendous difference. They have suede soles which provide the correct amount of resistance with the floor and will make your turns much easier.

A good range of shoes for men and women is available from www.supadance.com

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