Cadley Dance Studios provide a wide range of dance tuition for children and adults at venues around Swindon.

Ballroom & Latin American

The four standard Ballroom dances are Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot and Tango. Other ballroom dances that fall under this umbrella are Slow and Quick Rhythms and Viennese Waltz. The Latin American dances are Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Rumba, Samba and Paso Doble. We also include Salsa and Rock ‘n’ Roll in our adult classes.

Our friendly classes combine both Ballroom and Latin American dances concentrating on the most popular ones first. Of course if any one has any special requests we will try to accommodate these where possible.

What should I wear?

Places are limited and booking is essential. Term fees are payable in advance, before the start of the next term.
Please contact Maria for more details or to register your interest in the next beginners course to ensure there is availability.

To polish your skills…
Practice sessions are open to all adult dancers of all abilities – its the chance to practice what you know and get help with the bits you’re not sure on.

Look our for details of our next practice session on our News page.

Please contact Maria for more details or to register your interest in the next beginners course to ensure there is availability.

Disco Freestyle/Street

This is one the most popular styles of dance at the school. Classes start for pre-school children at age three and continue up to adults. Classes are based on learning correct technique and good dance disciplines, structured in a way that makes learning fun and builds confidence. As a result many classes are full and some have waiting lists.

Students learn choreographed routines to popular music and have the opportunity to take part in medal tests with the ISTD, the world’s leading dance examinations board. For the really keen dancer we also hold and attend competitions.

Of course examinations and competitions are not for everyone and some people choose not to do these, but still take part in the regular classes.

Class times and venues

Please ring to check for availability prior to attending – Click here for term dates

What should I wear?


Disco Freestyle
If you are attending a class for the first time you should wear something comfortable and easy to move in i.e. leggings and a t-shirt, definitely no jeans or skirts though. Bare feet or clean trainers are fine. Long hair should be tied back neatly and securely. Please bring a drink along with a sports cap lid to avoid unnecessary spillages.

Once you’ve done a few lessons it is required that you wear the correct dance school uniform which can be purchased from the school. Our current uniform consists of black leotard with either tights, shorts or black jazz pants embellished with the school logo. Hoodies with individual names on are also available. Prices are available on application.

Ballroom & Latin
Footwear is the most important thing for this class. Ideally proper dance shoes should be worn – please make sure these have a sensible heel that you can walk in easily – if in doubt check before purchase. If you don’t have dance shoes to start with, then wear a shoe with a small heel. Dress should be comfortable as above. Dance shoes may be ordered though the school if required. You may also wish to bring a drink.

Generally, casual, cool and comfortable clothes are a good guide.

For your feet, avoid trainers, boots or heavy rubber soled shoes. Also please avoid shoes that may slip off your feet such as mules, and definitely no flip flops!  Initially, light shoes with a non-grip sole are fine. Leather soles are ideal.

As you progress with your dancing, you should invest in a pair of dance shoes – you’ll find that they make a tremendous difference. They have suede soles which provide the correct amount of resistance with the floor and will make your turns much easier.

A good range of shoes for men and women is available from