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Exam checklist

  1. Double check the venue, time and exam entry.

  2. Please arrive at least 30 minutes early to warm up, get ready and practise your dances.

  3. Exams often run ahead of time – allow for traffic.

  4. Make sure all hair is tied back neatly and securely in a bun or pony tail and quiff. Bunches are fine for little ones.

  5. Wear correct class uniform only.

  6. Clean jazz shoes and outfit with black trainer socks.

  7. No t-shirts, legwarmers or cardigans to be worn.

  8. Disco & Street numbers to be worn on the front.

  9. Rock ’n ’Roll, Ballroom & Latin numbers to be worn on the back.

  10. Make sure you say good afternoon etc to the examiner.

  11. Remember to say thank you and curtsey/bow

Dance your best, enjoy it and Good Luck!